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About Me

My name is Jessica Ames. I am a USA Today bestselling author. I write across multiple genres under the 'I write romance books publishing' umbrella. I write full time which gives me lots of time to explore many different genres. I enjoy darker stories with a gritty back story that will hit a reader in the gut. You can find all my different pennames on this site under the navigation bar. Each penname focuses on a different genre. Jessica Ames is MC/Mafia, Amy Thorn is dark MM, and Jess Storm is PNR.

At their core, my stories focus on the bonds of family, loyalty and honour. This is something I enjoy exploring and is a major component of everything I write. Coming from a big family myself, I love the dynamics at play between siblings. 

When I have time, I love to crochet, read romance books and watch comic book movies (#TeamMarvel).  Writing is in my blood and engraved in my soul. I have been writing since I was really young, but I've only been brave enough to publish my stories since 2018. 

I hope you find something you like here. If you want to get in touch, my details are in the footer below or I can be found on Facebook under  my Jessica Ames profile

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