Will the sins of the past catch up with them...

Noah ‘Weed’ Williams is not a good man. He drinks too much, sleeps around too much, and he doesn‘t think he’s worthy of a meaningful relationship. Meeting Chloe opens his eyes to a world he could have, but he knows she deserves better than him.


Chloe shouldn’t be thinking about bikers when she already has her hands full. Between an abusive father and protecting her little brother, she’s not contemplating a relationship, but that may not be her choice. Weed is not a simple man, though, and helping him to see past what he considers his faults may not be an easy feat.


With things in the Club so unsettled, love may have to take a back seat to survival, because things are getting dangerous in Kingsley.


Can Chloe help her flawed rider see himself how she sees him or will Weed throw away his chance at happiness? And will they overcome the tribulations facing the Club? 

Flawed Rider is book 6 in the Lost Saxons, a motorcycle romance series that promises high-stakes drama, suspense and fast-talking men who will go to the ends of the earth for their women. 


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