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March 2023

Rejecting his Mate.jpg

Rejecting His Mate

I’m promised to the alpha’s son, a powerful wolf shifter who will one day take over our pack. When my wolf fails to manifest during my first moon ceremony, my chosen mate publicly and brutally rejects me.

Shunned by him and my pack, I’m forced to watch the wolf I was meant to spend the rest of my life with move on and torment me. He’s not content to hurt me. He wants me dead so he can imprint on a wolf who isn’t damaged.

Running is the only option, but there are more dangerous things out there than my old pack and my promised mate.

When I stumble across an even bigger threat to my safety, I have no idea how I’m going to survive. Vargr’s are the stuff of legend, wolves that are stronger, bigger and more dangerous than most alphas, but Cade is very much real and now that I’ve seen him he’s not going to let me go.

February 2023

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Everything changed the day Malice walked out on me. He was the love of my life, the man I thought I was going to grow old with. Then he was gone and I was alone. I threw myself into my club and into my work until Malice is gunned down and left for dead.


Returning to Unity Creek was never part of my plan. I ran far and fast after my actions made me question whether I deserved to wear the Hell Dwellers MC patch.

But someone is gunning for me, and the only place I know I can run to is my old chapter. The problem is returning means facing my old life, and I’m not sure everyone is going to be happy to see me, especially Lockpick. I broke his heart when I left, but coming home might be the only way to save my life.

January 2023



As the money man of the Manchester chapter of the Untamed Sons Motorcycle Club, my job is simple: make the illegal income legal and don’t get caught. I have a good life in the Sons, an easy one. I don’t have time for women or drama. But when my former cellmate calls and tells me his daughter is in trouble, I have no choice but to respond.




My father is a pathological liar, so when he tells me I’m in danger, I don’t believe him. Until a burly biker turns up on my doorstep. It’s been years since I last saw Brewer, but those feelings I had for him are still there. That doesn’t mean I have to do what he says.

But Brewer isn’t the same man I knew and no isn’t a word he’s used to hearing. When my father’s enemies come for me, he is the only one who can protect me, but who is going to save me from him?

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