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June 2022

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As Vice President of the Manchester chapter of the Untamed Sons, I have one job—to stand at my president’s side. That’s what I’ve done since we came here to expand our territory. I’m always on the lookout for trouble, but I never expected to find her in a casino in my home patch.


She looked sweet, innocent, then she took me for everything I had. I’m a gambling man but that night I played my cards wrong and lost.


I never expected to see her again, but when she turns up at the clubhouse telling me her life is in danger I have to put our past behind to save her.

July 2022

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A Forbidden Love

I'm a little bird, trapped in a gilded cage. My mother keeps me like a doll, pretty and silent, ensuring I will become a good wife and further my family's legacy. The Fraser name needs to live on, no matter what. My freedom of choice, my ability to marry for love, are stripped from me.

Until him.

Ryan Malone is my brother's bodyguard and the man who I'm falling in love with. If we're found out my brothers will kill him, but when my mother tries to force me down the aisle, I'm sent into hiding with Ryan. It will test both of our resolves to keep away from each other.

September 2022


Into the Dark

One night was enough to change my life. I was taken, plucked out of my life and forced into hell. Gaining my freedom didn’t unshackle the chains around me. It made them tighten. I’m fuelled by my need to avenge the wrongs done to me and those I was forced to leave behind. I’ll stop at nothing to achieve that.

I don’t need a brave knight riding a motorcycle and wearing leather to save me. He doesn’t agree. He thinks I’m a damsel in distress, but I’m focused on my task—destroying the man who ripped my world apart.