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Today is my year anniversary of publishing! Can you believe it?! I can barely wrap my head around it. It's been a crazy year. Well, slightly longer than that really. I left my job in the December of 2017 and sat down in January of 2018 to write Snared Rider. I was excited, scared, hopeful, wondering if I was batshit crazy and having a mid-life crisis. But I was about to embark on a dream I'd had since I was 11 years old and it felt amazing. I was going to publish a book!! I had no idea if it would be a success, if it would flop, if I would disappear into obscurity afterwards...

Truthfully, I had no idea how Snared Rider would be received. You put yourself out there and hope it will do well, but it really is in the hands of the universe. I quit my job, so I prayed to the writing gods it wouldn't die a horrible death. I didn't expect the love it got at all. I didn't expect the messages I get from readers telling me they love my words, and giving me the kick up the arse to keep writing when I'm tired or feel unmotivated.

I'm so grateful for the love and support I get from all my readers. Without you, I wouldn't sit down day after day and keep putting words down (I know I'm getting mushy, but it's true). 

When I was trying to think about what to do for my anniversary, how to mark it, the one thing I was sure of was I wanted to do something that gave back to you guys. So, I asked in my readers group which characters you wanted to see more from. Liv and Dean came out overwhelmingly on top. Not surprising, they're my favourite, too, although writing them again was a little scary. They're not like the others. Their story in Safe Rider was so complete, it felt almost sacrosanct to interfere with them again. 

Claimed Rider is my thank you to you for your support over the past year. It's a short 10k novella that sits approximately half way through Secret Rider #3 timeline wise. Although there are no spoilers for Secret Rider, you do need to have read Snared Rider #1 and Safe Rider #2 to understand what is happening in this. 

Happy reading, folks, and thank you so much for your support over the past 12 months.

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