Safe Rider cover reveal party

Hey guys, so I'm having a cover release party on the 22 October in my group, Jessica's Clubhouse. Make sure you join me. It'll be a day of giveaways and games from me and a host of other amazing authors.

Safe Rider will be live on the 9 November, so not long to go now! I think you'll love Dean and Liv's story. It's one about hope and strength and trust.

Safe Rider

Copyright Jessica Ames 2018

I head to the front door, and my entire body tingles as I catch sight of Dean through the glass of the storm porch windows. When I tug the door open I see he’s wearing exactly what he was wearing earlier—jeans, leather jacket and Club vest—not training gear. Hope and disappointment vie for attention as I take this in. Maybe he has changed his mind and has come over to tell me.

“Hey, darlin’,” he says, his voice rough and deep. It sends a shiver through me that I don’t want to think about, that I can’t think about.

“Do you want to come in?” I hold my breath as I wait for his answer.

“No, we need to get going.”

My heart swells at this—he still wants to do our lesson. I grab my keys off the side table in the hallway, giving him my back and letting my excitement play over my face for a second. I bury it when I turn to him, slipping my keys into my jacket pocket with my phone, pulling the zip up. When I finally risk a glance at Dean he’s frowning at my feet. I follow his gaze down.


“You got any boots?”

I blink at him before returning my gaze down to my feet. I’m wearing a cute pair of running shoes—at least I thought they were cute. They go perfectly with my outfit—not that I’m bothered about fashion but I can’t workout in boots.

“Boots aren’t really appropriate footwear for kicking ass and taking names,” I tell him.

He laughs. “Kicking ass and taking names?” He sounds cute when he says it, his northern accent strong and making the ‘ass’ sound strange.

“Yeah, pal. That’s what we’re doing here, isn’t it? You’re teaching me to put down bad guys.”

“Darlin’, you need to bring your trainers as well, but you can’t ride on the bike in them. You come off, you’ll fuck your ankles.”

There is so much there to digest, but I start with the first point, the one flashing a great big neon sign in my head.

Why in the hell are we riding the bike? He never mentioned going out on the bike. This smacks me with a mix of emotions, first and foremost holy crap. I can’t get on the back of a motorcycle, can I? Simon liked fast cars and driving them that way, but he never brought a motorcycle home. I have no idea how to ride on one.

“We’re going on the bike?” I finger the zip of my hooded jacket as I watch for his response.

“Unless you want to walk to the clubhouse.”

To the… what?

I tip my head down, as if I’m looking at my shoes again, but I squeeze my eyes shut for a brief second. It’s not long enough to regain my composure, but it’s long enough to calm my nerves slightly.

“I thought we were going to your house.”

He gives me a look that suggests he thinks I’m batshit crazy, and maybe I am. I have a biker on my doorstep, offering me self-defence classes.

Yep, that definitely screams crazy, but maybe crazy is what I need in life.

Since I left Simon I’ve played it safe, but I left him to live my life, not shy away from new experiences… although, I wish I’d waited for something less nail-biting to be adventurous with.

Dean is the guy mothers warn their daughters to stay away from, and here I am, contemplating climbing onto his motorcycle to go to his criminal lair, so he can teach me to fight dirty.

Yeah, I’m definitely cracked.

Safe Rider will be available on Amazon and free on Kindle Unlimited on 9 November. In the meantime, see where it all started, with Snared Rider.

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