Sinner's Salvation

Some scars don't heal. Chris Bannerman knows this first hand. As a former soldier, he's seen his share of wars, but the battle over his own guilt is one he can't defeat. After a mission leaves his buddy injured, Chris blames himself.  The only light in his life is April Collins. She's spring and summer rolled into one, light to his darkness, and he refuses to give into his urges to find his happily ever after--not until he atones for the sins of his past.


April has loved Chris for years, but the man barely acknowledges her existence. She should move on and find someone else, but it's not that easy when the source of your infatuation is in your life so much. April tries to ignore him, but when bad things start happening to her, she has no choice but to seek help from him.


Can Chris pull her from danger while fighting his own demons and can April be this sinner's salvation?


What's next...

Sinner's Salvation will release in March 2020. The second book in the series will release later in 2020. 

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